About the Longbox Guys

Welcome to Thinking Outside the Longbox Podcast’s website.  The Longbox Guys are a group of comic historians who are dedicated to educating the public on the history of comic book characters.  They present panels at various comic book conventions and schools where they examine historically significant comic books and characters.  Every week, the podcast will cover a theme or character’s history, discuss a socially or historically significant comic book, as well as make recommendations on current comics to read as well as older series. To check out the podcast for free, you can subscribe on iTunes.  Search “Longbox” and look for our logo.



Joshua Opper owns and operates a small cloud hosting company and has a degree in philosophy. Mike and Tom introduced him to the X-Men and there was no looking back. His favorite comic book of all time is X-Men issue #211, containing his favorite panel where Colossus kills Riptide… “Make peace with your gods little man, you are next!”


Michael Manning is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in History.  He has been a life long reader of comic books and fell in love with superheroes in in 1974 when his dad bought him Justice League of America #111.  He has actively been collecting comics ever since.


Thomas Strange is a long time comic book and nerd culture fanatic. After receiving his BA in History from San Francisco State University he began giving talks and panels on popular culture with a special emphasis on how civil rights and social justice movements were reflected in comic books.  Since then he has given talks at dozens of cons and schools including New Orleans, Philadelphia, Boston, Nashville, and Pensacola just to name a few.



Tom “LT” Boucher is a Financial Aid Officer at a private college by day and lover of comic books by night.  He received his first 3 comic books in kindergarten and has been a comic book addict ever since.  He had a $30 a week habit all through the late 80s and 90s.  His particular drug of choice back in those days was Marvel. With the advent of foil variant covers, he went into rehab for several decades.  He has since fallen off the wagon.  Now his tastes are varied reading mostly independent comics.