Episode 91 – Mike Grell

The Longbox Guys had such a great time talking to Mike Grell a few weeks ago, they’ve decided to devote entire podcast to talking about the career of the legendary writer/artist Mike Grell.  We also  have an interview with Mr. Grell recorded at Pensacon regarding Tyroc from the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Thanks for listening.


Episode 90 – Ghost Rider

On this special episode sponsored by the CDC, the Longbox Guys talk about the history of Ghost Rider.  Mike previews Grass Kings and LT reviews Interesting Drug.  Josh goes on a drunken tangent and Tom discusses the Black Lightning television show.  Thanks for listening.


Episode 89 – Conan the Barbarian and an interview with Mike Grell

On this episode of the Longbox Guys they discuss the history of comicdom’s most famous barbarian, Conan.  Mike previews the latest volume of Strangers in Paradise and LT reviews Phonogram.  Tom talks about Dr. Strange the Veterinarian Supreme and Josh goes off on a tangent about being sick.  Tom also interviews writer/artist/actor Mike Grell about his starring role in Star Raiders: The Adventures of Saber Raine.  Thanks for listening.


Episode 88 – Batgirl/Oracle

On this episode the Longbox Guys argue about which hero persona of Barbara Gordon’s was better; Batgirl or Oracle.  Mike previews Hawkman found, LT reviews Apacolyptical Girl, Tom talks about the Black Lightning tv show, and Josh goes off on a tangent about Rambo.  Thanks for listening.


Episode 80 – The Beast

On this episode the Longbox Guys discuss the history of Beast, from the X-Men.  Mike previews Black Hammer, Tom chats about the Hebrew Hammer, LT reviews Girls, and Josh rants about the weather.  Thanks for listening.


Episode 79 – Cyclops and Dan Parent

On this episode the Longbox Guys talk about the history of the X-Men’s greatest mutant, Cyclops (opinions may vary).  Mike previews Mister Miracle, LT reviews We Stand On Guard, Josh talks Thundarr the Barbarian, and Tom recommends March.  Tom also interviews Archie writer/artist Dan Parent about his new project, Die Kitty Die.  Thanks for listening.



Episode 78 – Interview with writer Jim Ousley

The Longbox Guys are back from defending the Earth from an alien invasion.  You’re welcome.  On this episode LT interviews horror comic writer Jim Ousley about his new project, the Dead Palace.  Thanks for listening.


Episode 77 – Vehicles and an interview with Howard Chaykin

On this episode the Longbox Guys talk about their favorite comic book vehicles.  LT interviews comic book legend Howard Chaykin, Mike reviews Astonishing X-Men #1, and Josh rants about burgers.  Thanks for listening.

Episode 75 – Spiderman: Homecoming

On this episode the Longbox Guys give you the spoiler free comic book character histories of 20 different characters that appear in the movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming.  Fun Alex fact, they also do a spoiler filled review at about the 32 minute mark, but don’t worry, they give you plenty of advance warning if you haven’t seen the movie yet.  Tom loves the Shocker, Josh prefers Sam Rami’s movies, and Mike comes up with the perfect actor to play Uncle Ben.  LT also interviews writer/artist Jimmy Palmiotti, where he talks about his plans for Harley Quinn, his kickstarter project called Killing Time in America, his love for his wife Amanada Conner, and comic book legend Jim Sterenko.

Episode 74 – Captain America’s Enemies

On this episode the Longbox Guys talk about their favorite Captain America villains.  Mike previews Red Hood & the Outlaws #12, LT reviews Lantern City, Tom discusses PSAs, and Josh goes on a tangent about dream homes.  Thanks for listening.