Episode 72 – Superman’s Enemies

On this episode the Longbox Guys talk about Superman’s gallery of enemies.  Mike previews Luke Cage, LT reviews Superman/Batman Volume 1, Josh rants about first world problems, and Tom gets a new best friend named Tugboat.  Thanks for listening.

Episode 70 – The Flash’s Rogues Gallery

On this episode the Longbox Guys talk about their favorite members of the Flash’s Rouges Gallery.  Mike previews the Defenders and the Martian Manhunter vs. Marvin the Martian, LT reviews Two Step, and the guys pay tribute to Adam West.  Thanks for listening.

Episode 69 – Best and Worst Costumes

On this episode the Longbox Guys discuss their favorite hero and villain costumes.  LT reviews Love is Love and Tom talks about Pride Month.  Mike reviews Cable, Jean Grey, and the Scarlet Spider and Josh goes of on a tangent about cosplay.  Thanks for listening.

Episode 66 – Wonder Woman

On this episode the Longbox Guys talk about Wonder Woman.  Mike previews the Death of Hawkman, LT reviews Kingdom Come, Tom discusses the League of Regrettable Superheroes, and Josh gets his last box of comics out of his mom’s house.  Thanks for listening and please leave us a review.

Episode 58 – Green Lantern Villians

On this episode the Longbox Guys talk about their favorite villains of the Green Lantern: Solomon Grundy, Vandal Savage, Tattooed Man, the First Lantern, the Black Lantern, Sinestro, and Paralax.  Mike previews the Ether from Dark Horse Comics and LT reviews the Lion of Rora by Christos Gage and Ruth Fletcher-Gage.  Josh takes us on a rant about drug based characters in comics and Tom accuses Hal Jordan of being a child molester.  Thanks for listening.

Episode 53 – Black Super Heroines

In this episode the Longbox Guys celebrate African-American History month by talking about their favorite black super heroines including, Storm, Misty Knight, Bumblebee, and Amanda “The Wall” Waller.  LT reviews Strange Fruit and Tom discusses the Bronze Tiger.  The guys go off on a junk food tangent and Mike recommends Storm by Greg Pak.  Thanks for listening

Episode 51 – Archie Comics

On this episode the Longbox Guys talk about their favorite series from Archie Comics and Josh puts out a call for assistance to the Longbox Legion. Mike discusses Fred Van Lente’s Weird Detective and LT pulls Before the Watchman: The Comedian from the back of the box.  The guys also reveal their favorite board games no one ever wants to play.  Thanks for listening.