Episode 51 – Archie Comics

On this episode the Longbox Guys talk about their favorite series from Archie Comics and Josh puts out a call for assistance to the Longbox Legion. Mike discusses Fred Van Lente’s Weird Detective and LT pulls Before the Watchman: The Comedian from the back of the box.  The guys also reveal their favorite board games no one ever wants to play.  Thanks for listening.

Episode 48 – Etrigan the Demon

Change! Change, O’form of man! Release the mighty from fleshy mire! Boil the blood in the heart of fire! Gone! Gone! the form of man, Rise the Demon Etrigan! On this episode the Longbox guys talk about the history of Jason Blood/Etrigan, as well as Tech Jacket, Swamp Thing, Jessica Jones, spaceships.  Also for some reason they break into a song and dance (you can’t see the dance on the podcast, but trust me.)  Thanks for listening.

Tony Isabella joins panel at Pensacon 2016

The Comic Book Guys were honored to have the living legend comic book writer Tony Isabella join  them on their Horrible, Horrible, Horrible Stereotype Panel.  Tony talked about his creation, Black Lightning, and delighted the crowd with the horrible story of the Black Bomber. For a review of Pensacon check out episode 10 of the Longbox.  To hear Tony at the panel, check out episode 13. Check out Tony’s blog here: Tony Isabella’s blog