Episode 99 – Scott Pilgrim vs The Longbox Guys

On this episode the Longbox Guys talk about Scott Pilgrim, both the comic books and the movie.  We get fan mail that Tom really enjoys and find out bread makes you fat.  Mike previews Seven to Eternity and LT reviews Steampunk Battlestar Galactica 1880.  Josh goes on a tangent about virtual reality, while Tom discusses alternate lifestyles representation in Manga.  Thanks for listening.

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Episode 93 – Black Panther

We’re a few days earlier with uploading our weekly podcast because this weekend the Longbox Guys will be at Pensacon 2018.  This episode the Guys talk about the history of the Black Panther.  Mike and Josh interview Kelly Dale about her Kickstarter campaign to create an omnibus for her late husband’s all ages comic Skyward.  Thanks for listening.


Episode 75 – Spiderman: Homecoming

On this episode the Longbox Guys give you the spoiler free comic book character histories of 20 different characters that appear in the movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming.  Fun Alex fact, they also do a spoiler filled review at about the 32 minute mark, but don’t worry, they give you plenty of advance warning if you haven’t seen the movie yet.  Tom loves the Shocker, Josh prefers Sam Rami’s movies, and Mike comes up with the perfect actor to play Uncle Ben.  LT also interviews writer/artist Jimmy Palmiotti, where he talks about his plans for Harley Quinn, his kickstarter project called Killing Time in America, his love for his wife Amanada Conner, and comic book legend Jim Sterenko.